Kevin Weaver

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Kevin Weaver

We're excited to unveil our new Equipping Center in Downtown Dallas, 10 new intensive dates for 2015 and a free gift to all intensive alumni....

Happy Holidays. As the year comes to an end, we couldn't be more thankful for all that's transpired this year. 

This last year has been one of the most fruitful years for An Uprising to date.  The impact the Reorient book alone is having around the world, and in virtually every realm of culture, is nothing short of mind-blowing.  I'm more humbled and more grateful than ever to just be part. God has truly exceeded all I thought or imagined was possible. 

What an amazing life we have in Him! And the best part, we're really just getting started...

We have epic news to share in the coming weeks and months about what's ahead in 2015, not the least of which is the anticipated release of two more books in An Uprising Series -- Revive and Rethink.  For now however, I simply want to make you aware of our new Equipping Center and subsequently our new Intensive Training Schedule for 2015. 

Oh, and give those who've attended a previous intensive a gift to share with others this Holiday season.

All of our intensives for 2015 will be at our new Equipping Center in Downtown Dallas. It's an exquisite location in the heart of the Dallas Design District and one I believe will provide the most incredible intensive experience we've offered so far. 

We will provide ten intensives in 2015. Basically, "two" dates for each of our "five" Mastery Level Intensives 001-005. 

Our first 001 Mastery Level Intensive of the year will be Friday January 23, 2015.

Our first 002 Mastery Level Intensive of the year will be Saturday January 24 thru Sunday January 25, 2015. 

Our first 003 Mastery Level Intensive Friday February 21- Saturday February 22, 2015. 

*Space is limited and each of these are nearly half full, so don't delay registering. 

And the even better news, our 002 Level Intensives are going to be $1.00 with a referral code from anyone who has attended a previous intensive. ($500.00 per person value). 

Yep, that's right. In an effort to help those who've already reoriented and are rising up to equip those around them to do the same, we're allowing anyone who has previously attended a Mastery Level 002 Intensive to refer as many as 4 others (or two couples) to attend a Mastery Level 002 Intensive at essentially no charge in 2015. 

If you've attended an 002 Level Intensive and don't already have your referral code, email us at to get yours. We will accommodate all referrals on a first-come-first-serve basis so don't delay. Again, space is limited at each intensive.

The process is simple...

1. Identify four others (or two couples) you would like to see disciple up.

2. Send them to the the 002 Level Intensive event page.

3. Have them select the date they want to attend.

4. Have them enter "$1.00" in the amount section

5. Have them enter the referral code you provide.

6. Check out as normal. 

This process must be completed for each person registering with a sport email. Each person will receive further event details and logistics via email upon successfully registering. When the event is full, it will no longer be visible on the event page. 

Email me with further questions.

Kevin Weaver 

(On behalf of An Uprising)

If you're an Intensive Alumni and need your referral code, email us at 

Rise up and reorient friends, the world needs you!