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An Uprising Series

We're excited to announce the official teaser for the Re_Orient Bad Christian Behavior Music Video. Let us know what you think...

Rise up and reorient friends, the world needs you!

An Uprising Series

Kevin Weaver, Author of Re_OrientYou'll See An Uprising shares about an upcoming special event at The Wagner Leadership Institute. 


Watch Time: 2:15 Minutes

Topics Covered:

1. Event October 23-25 Los Angeles
2. Reorient and the Supernatural Power of a Family
3. Registration information

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An Uprising Series

Kevin Weaver, Author of Re_OrientYou'll See An Uprising shares about some upcoming events and intensives.

Video Interview by Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc.

Watch Time: 9.50 Minutes
Topics Covered:

1. Why we do private intensives?
2. Why we prefer the greatness of smallness?
3. Why we make disciples vs. discipling people?
4. Why we focus on doing stuff not just knowing stuff?
5. Why we have five different levels of intensives?
6. Where we're having intensives in 2014?
7. Who can attend an intensive?
8. What's the cost to attend an intensive?

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An Uprising Series

Kevin Weaver is interviewed about the Pastoral and Church controversy surrounding Re_OrientYou'll See An Uprising.

Video Interview by Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc.

Watch Time: 18 Minutes
Read Time: 15 Minutes

This open letter addresses the concern that the Re_Orient book, An Uprising or me...

Are intentionally controversial and divisive, 

Are promoting no affiliation with a local church, 

Are therefore anti-church, 

Are encouraging people to not attend church, 

Are causing people to become anti-church, 

Are subversive to local pastors and church leadership, 

Are therefore promoting a counter-church movement, 

Are therefore not accountable to any biblical authority, 

Are therefore isolated from oversight or correction.

Here's the link to view or download the letter it its entirety. 

An Uprising Series

Author Kevin Weaver shares his thoughts about the supernatural power of words. He starts with the word supernatural and then segues into "miracle" and then provides provocative thinking about the meaning of the word "word."

Jayme Soulati interviews Kevin Weaver in this Google Hangout On Air. Kevin is author of Re_Orient:  You'll See An Uprising. You can get your copy of his book here

Video Interview by Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc.

Watch time: 15 minutes
Read time: 1 minute

  • What's the definition of supernatural?
  • What's a disciple?
  • What's the definition of a miracle?
  • What's a word?
  • What's the definition of the word "word?"
  • What's the supernatural power of a word?
  • "In the beginning..."
  • Reorienting to original intent of words.
  • Change definitions and change culture.

Jayme Soulati

By Jayme Soulati, president, Soulati Media, Inc.

Probably the most important part of a book, hands down, is its forewords, testimonials, author’s remarks, and the rest of the detail that precedes chapter one, page one. In Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising by Kevin Weaver, these pages provide a sneak peek into Kevin as a man, husband, father and disciple of Jesus.

You’ll become acquainted with Kevin through the eyes of his wife, his mentor and he. In addition, you’ll read comments by perfect strangers who read Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising and graciously delivered a testimonial about Kevin’s work.

I would like to show you some of the richness in these earliest pages of the book, and encourage you to peruse this content when you purchase your own copy of the book. Essentially, this work of thought provocation and empowerment equips us to join An Uprising movement.

With a reorientation to 10 words in nine chapters throughout the book, Kevin is truly modernizing belief about words used in the Bible throughout the Old Testament and New Testament. Before we move into the first word featured in the book, Love (my favorite chapter), I want to walk you through the gems that precede chapter one.

Let me give you a little highlight tour of Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising preceding material:

The Very First Page of Re_Orient

Before we even crease five pages of this beautifully bound white book with royal blue pages printed in similar sophistication to a Bible with its gilded pages, page one (with no page number, I might add) includes comments from 12 people.

I want to highlight them for you: 

The people who delivered comments come from all types of professions in Texas, Michigan, Maryland, Indiana, California and Australia. They are authors, teachers, pastors, missionaries, entrepreneurs, musicians, parents, college students, actors, soldiers, and a conservation officer.

I appreciate the variety of people who took the time to contribute. Their comments are even more exciting as an introduction to the contents of Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising.

"Earth shattering and world changing revelation of unadulterated truth."

"Biggest challenge to my theology since..."

"Twenty years trained as a working missionary of the Gospel, yet never heard the Gospel until reorienting."

"The revelation in tho book is like downloading an upgrade direct from heaven to version 7.0 from Christianity from version 1.0."

"I now know what it takes to make a world-class superhuman disciple. A mind-blowing, earth shattering extrapolation of practical love-based truth."

"I can’t imagine any healthy religious leader in America not wanting to read this’s like a master-level course in equipping people to actually do the work of ministry with supernatural results."

Scripture Quotations

When someone who is a believer in the doctrine with which they were raised, trained, believe, and live picks up Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising, they may or may not agree with Kevin Weaver and how he portrays and encourages a reorientation to the 10 featured words in the book.

What people can and should agree on, however, is the thoroughness with which Kevin presents scripture quotations throughout his book. He references 17 different versions of the Bible from works published as early as 1890 through 2007.

I counted 30 different pieces of scripture Kevin features in the first chapter on Love alone. Each comes from a wide array of versions of the Bible. When you peruse each chapter and really ponder Kevin’s writings, you sense he’s delivering a fresh approach to a Bible study on steroids to give you a wide expanse of provocation, inspiration, and proof points to consider as you reorient and prepare to rise up.

In Gratitude and Forewords

Kevin Weaver and Michelle Weaver deliver the first pieces of love in the book for one another, their children, their families, God, and the person of Jesus as their greatest inspiration. I have had the privilege of meeting Kevin and Michelle in person and their light radiates as individuals, people, and "Zoe" life mates.

What Kevin writes inside this book is genuine, and you know from the first paragraphs of his gratitudes the truth he communicates has been honed over time. But don't take my word for it, when you get the book, please spend a bit of time reading the Foreword by Chuck Frazier.

Once you do, you will have no doubt that Kevin is legitimate and puts YOU first when writing his book. Chuck summarizes the core theme of Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising
as well as Kevin Weaver’s goal with his work, too.

As Chuck writes in the foreword:

“There is a real battle raging between Good and evil, but the weapons God gave to overcome evil have grown rusty over the centuries. Even worse, there has been such confusion over the battlefield that Christians sometimes use the weapons God gave us to attack and destroy each other. It’s time for that to stop. We must reorient our understanding in order to effectively wage war together against evil. This book resets the compass and explains how and why the modern church is powerless.”

Kevin also shares his vision for An Uprising Series in the introduction of the book by stating that these 10 words, also God’s words, featured in his book are like "two-edged swords" which can be used to both harm or cut down and or to heal and build up.

When the words are wielded properly,

“They possess the supernatural power to give you superhuman ability. They can cut down and destroy anything that rises up against the knowledge of God’s love and His ultimate desire to heal and restore you, your family, and those entrusted to your care in every realm of life where He has called you to administer His will on earth – just as it is in heaven.”

How will you choose to wield the power of these words? Reorient, you'll see!

Jayme Soulati

Video Interview by Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc.

In this video interview with Kevin Weaver, author of Re_Orient: You'll See An Uprising, Kevin talks about his favorite section of the book, the Disciple chapter.

Each chapter is a stand-alone mini-book, and within the Disciple chapter Kevin details three metaphors from the Bible to describe a Disciple -- special forces soldier, elite athlete or rich entrepreneur, all who conform to Jesus's image.

The greatest tragedy, Kevin says, is that no one knows what a Disciple looks like. As he wrote this chapter, it changed his life and how he intends to live it as a Disciple of Jesus, the original superman.

Listen in on how Kevin describes a Disciple, and then share with us how it has changed your life.

Jayme Soulati

By Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc.

Kevin Weaver is author of Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising, and his first book is more than impressive. You know how people make a first impression the first time they see you? Well, it goes the same for a book. If it wows you upon first glimpse, you want to open it and see what’s inside.


This book does not disappoint. In fact, with each additional page in the 622-page masterpiece, there are more surprises that unfold. As far as looks go, this book is tops for glam. You know how book covers can be cluttered with too much art and your eye can’t decide where to land?

Kevin brings his unique and artistic eye to graphics and showcases a less-is-more appeal on the cover. The book cover is 90 percent white with a deep foil-blue title and gray. The second half of the title is hidden in the white glossy cover; you need to reflect the light to see “You’ll See An Uprising.”

The blue carries forth on all the pages and inside, too. It is so rich to see the stacks of blue outlined pages between two hard covers. When you flip and fan the pages, you can also see the color inside on each page, too. Brilliantly designed and so pleasing to the eye with graphics in support of points Kevin makes throughout the book.

What is the book about?

In his book, Kevin takes an in-depth look at nine words, traditionally thought of as "biblical" or "religious" words. 

Kevin presents one of the most thought-provoking works to challenge and reorient the reader to the teachings of the Bible with which people have been raised on and take for granted. 

One prominent theologian called Re_Orient: You'll See An Uprising, "From cover to content, the most stunning work of christian non-fiction I've seen" . But believe me when I say, you don't have to be a theologian to understand the supernatural implications of this book. This book is for everyone who is curious about original intent and searching for meaning--literally! 

In this book, you’ll become reoriented to the following nine words that have shaped more than 2,000 years of tradition:

  1. Love
  2. Sin
  3. Religion
  4. Church
  5. Christian
  6. Disciple
  7. Gospel
  8. Saved
  9. Doer

In each chapter, Kevin features a survey of folks like you and me about their orientation to the word. Did they have negative or positive reactions to the word? What is its true meaning?

He presents a graphic depiction of survey results and also shows how many times the word (and its definitions) appears in Hebrew in the Old Testament and how many times in Greek in the New Testament. He then walks us through the common understanding of each word and then masterfully, logically, simply and firmly reorient readers to the original, often mind-blowing meaning, and subsequent intent of each word. 

Believe me when I say, each chapter in this book is a journey in and of itself? Frequently, readers tell me they could spend a whole year on just live out the implications of the first chapter on the reoriented definition of Love . But the journey does stop there. Each word/chapter builds on the other in a way thats laced with richness of thought, attention to detail, self-reflection, provocation, love, encouragement, support, and provides a pathway to a future “modeling the supernatural power of a life ruled by love and honor.”

By the time you reach the last chapter, simply called Doer, Kevin wraps the previous eight chapters into the much smaller end chapter and a life changing call to action. It includes a strategy for not just knowing the original intent of these words but actually... 

“becoming a doer of these words as the essential component to bringing about the kind of real-world change we now know is possible but have not yet seen demonstrated on a significant level in our lifetime

Buy Re_Orient: You'll See An Uprising

This book is for everyone, regardless of your God grid. It affects most  passionately and a few negatively but for certain, it will create discussion and change within yourself, your family, neighborhood, community, church, and elsewhere. 

That’s exactly what the book is supposed to do, so please, get on the path and read what Kevin Weaver has to say in this book. As I often here Kevin say, "Reorient and rise-up, the world needs you!" 

The best news of all? He’s not done. Kevin's planning six more books in An Uprising Series to keep you on your journey to rise up and change the world.

About The Author

Jayme Soulati is a frequent blogger for An Uprising Series and the Re_Orient: You'll See An Uprising Book. She is a public relations marketer blending social marketing, digital and content marketing with core public relations.

Jayme Soulati

Video Interview by Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc. 

In this Google+ Hang Out On Air, I interview Kevin Weaver, serial entrepreneur and author of the the first book in An Uprising SeriesRe_Orient:You'll See An Uprising.

Kevin and I discuss Kevin's journey as a master disciple of Jesus and his mission to encourage people around the world to reorient and rise up.

In Kevin's first book in An Uprising Series, Re_Orient:You'll See An Uprising he features nine words from the Bible and reorients the reader to the true meaning disciple to equip them to become superhuman.

This video feature introduces Kevin's mission as an entrepreneur, author, and songwriter with an intense desire to use the power of Holy Violent Love to change the world.